Help: Tape Deck

The Tape Deck Screen

This is mainly used to view / select blocks of data on the tape i.e.. if you had a game which loaded levels you could select them instantly rather then traditionally fast forwarding or rewinding the tape.

tape deck screen layout  

If you are having trouble loading a particular tape
1. Use a .tzx format
2 .Check the correct model spectrum is running

Still having trouble? then
let us know the tape and its origin


K   Minimise Tape Spectrum Tape Deck
L   Loaded Cassette Tape Information
M   Progress of Current Tape Block
N   Bytes/time Remaining on Tape
O   Record (for future use)
P   Play Tape
Q   Pause
R   Previous Block (Rewind)
S   Next Block (Fast Forward)
T   Rewind Tape To Start
U   Eject Tape / Load New Tape

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