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Menu or tape deck buttons doesn't work?

The menu and tape buttons are not active in the unregistered version, Please register for additional functionality, For a small donation of £10 you will get the full functionality of the emulator.

This helps with the costs of all that's involved in the research, build, and publishing of the emulator. Thanks for the support of all those that have already registered!!!

If you have any ZX Spectrum related Software / Hardware to donate then please get in touch we can usually arrange a collection.


This Tape / Game doesn't load ?

Firstly please check the section "Loading a game" on the page "Getting started"

Are you able to load other tapes / games ?
This is to check whether or not it is the specific tape or something else.

Do you have the correct ZX Spectrum model selected ?
Check under Menu | Hardware that the correct model is selected, 128k of data won't fit into 48k of memory.

Is the tape a tzx file format ?
If not please obtain a .tzx version of the tape these are regarded as the most stable method of virtual tapes.

Where did you obtain the tape ?
If possible try another version. This is an important note, just because you download a .tzx file from the internet doesn't make it error free.

Still having trouble ?
If you still cant load the tape then please let us know the file and its origin.


My Joystick Isn't Working ?

The joystick you are using will need to be windows compatible and have its driver correctly installed.
Open your windows control panel, and check in hardware devices that windows has detected the joystick or game pad.
The emulator will use the first one windows finds, So check there is only the one you want listed.

To test the joystick is functional in the emulator, Start the emulator and go to Menu | Controllers | and select the first item until it is 'JOY1 Sinclair1', and close the Menu. Now on the joystick press left, right, down, up and fire - If it is working correctly you will see the numbers 6 7 8 9 0 on the spectrum screen.

If it passes the above test but wont work in a game then check to see if it works in other games, and that the game allows for a joysticks and the correct interface chosen in both the emulator menu and game menu.


Why is the Screen Fizzy?

The emulator checks online for a newer version to keep you up to date, Sometimes the internet connection from you to the server can be intermittent or slow and stalling the emulator waiting for a reply.

If this is happening a lot or taking a very long time please let us know your experience.


How do I use a mouse ?

Once you have selected a Mouse in the Controllers Menu you are in "Mouse Mode"
To control the ZX Spectrum's Mouse click on the TV screen
To control the PC Mouse press Escape, To open the menu press Escape again, If you no longer require the mouse disable it under the controllers menu.

Remember the spectrum game or program needs to be mouse compatible.


Using the navigation menu on the right please read the Help documentation before e-mailing questions on "HOW TO"

However if you are unable to find what you are looking for please use the contact page as there may be others with the same question and we can answer it here for future reference.

Thanks for reading, please if you can help out do so - Enjoy ZXSpectrum4.net Team.


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