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Unlike most computers the ZX Spectrum used a combination of key presses to obtain BASIC commands, loathed by many at the time it did give the novice user a kind of reference manual if you like with the words printed on the keyboard as a reminder, However even if you had a Spectrum the chances you'll recall all the keys are slim, and I would guess they aren't written on the PC keyboard in front of you, So by pressing the 'keyboard' button the keyboard shown below will appear, you can use the mouse to select the keys to press, and the text will light across the top to show you the word which will be produced if you press the key with the mouse

Spectrum Keyboard

Using the PC Keyboard

All the keys on your PC keyboard all have the same meaning on the Spectrum accept for the Spectrum's 'Sybol Shift' this is your control key.

Keys in Basic (Tokens)

    ZX Spectrum Key

PC Key

White text ON key Key
Red text ON key (hold)CTRL + Key
Green text ABOVE key CTRL + CAPS SHIFT, then Key
Red text BELOW key CTRL + CAPS SHIFT, then (hold)CTRL Key


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