Help: Debugger (Advanced Tools)

The debugger allows you to view the current state of the Spectrum, Including the memory contents, CPU Status, and disassembled machine code.

Z80 Debugger

1 - Load a previous Spectrum state

2 - Save current Spectrum state

3 - Step a single OP one at a time

4 - Run until a break point is reached

5 - Run until the current Tstate exceeds the number in the box, Override by break point if one is set

6 - View \ Modify the Z80 registers and Flags on the right hand panel

7 - Break points, Type any 16bit address in HEX format 1 entry per line, and enable the Break points by checking the box, When the memory address is reached the debugger will reopen. Press delete to remove the item.

8 - Page: are the current 4 memory banks which can be seen by the Z80 (not used on the 48k Spectrum)

9 - View any memory location and its contents using the list view, The machine code is also dissembled

"T" is the current Tstate of the Spectrum.
"Prev PC" is the last 16 bit address the Z80 fetched the OP from.

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