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The Menu System

The menu button only works on a registered version of the emulator.

Here you can navigate the options and settings, The aim the menu is to offer a greater number of options without cluttering the main TV window

Menu System

You can use either the mouse or arrow keys to select items

Green Selectable menu items
Blue Items are parents and contain further items
Red Currently highlighted item
Yellow Setting



Options include but are not limited to fast tape loading, joysticks, debugger, assembler, and more..

Here are some of the options with definitions

Menu Item




Hardware Model 48k | 128k | +2 | +3 Selecting the model will restart in the chosen model.
  Screen Type Monitor | CRT Monitor is the cleanest and fastest rendered image.
  Network Network | NONE Adds Network interface to connect Spectrums.
  Screen Size Normal | Full Screen Enables Full Screen mode
Tape Fast Loading ON | OFF On will run the Spectrum and tape deck as fast as it can while the tape is loading, Skipping the internal time delays.
  Wave .Det OFF | 1..20 Used to detect wave in .wav file must be set before loading .wav file, Hhigher required larger wave to trigger pulse
  Wave .Amp OFF | 1..20 Used with above to filter out waves which are not large enough
e.g To remove noise
  .Wav Save   Used to save the new square wave obtained from the above settings
Controllers Joy1 | Joy2 NONE | Kempston | Sinclair Sets the Joystick interface to be plugged into the Spectrum and maps it to the Windows Joystick
  Mouse | Pen NONE | Kempston Mouse | Trojan Pen Sets the additional controller. To use a mouse please refer to the *MOUSE MODE section below
  K/B Issue 2 | 3 This sets the 2 differing 48k keyboard models which maybe required for some games
Tools Assembler   Please See Assembler
  Debugger ON | OFF Please See Debugger
  Poke   To add traditional pokes from magazine articles, 1 poke per line, example. POKE 65000,255
  OSD   (On Screen Display) Displays a frame rate of what the current PC is capable of


Once you have selected a Mouse in the Controllers Menu you are in "Mouse Mode"
To control the ZX Spectrum's Mouse click on the TV screen
To control the PC Mouse press Escape, To open the menu press Escape again, If you no longer require the mouse disable it under the controllers menu.

Using the navigation menu on the right please read the Help documentation before e-mailing questions on "HOW TO"

However if you are unable to find what you are looking for please use the contact page as there may be others with the same question and we can answer it here for future reference.

Thanks for reading, please if you can help out do so - Enjoy ZXSpectrum4.net Team.

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